Topsec Email Security (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam & Content Policy)

Topsec Email Security is a secure email service which works with your existing email service to provide continuously updated virus protection & spam filtering, keeping new and emerging threats away from your network.

Key Features –

  • Topsec’s Content Policy provides an email filtering service for email content and attachments.
  • A secure and resilient global network provides reassurance around your company’s online communication, keeping unwanted email spam from reaching your network
  • Round the clock support ensures that your business is always protected making Topsec Email Security a market leader
  • Granular application of content policies allows users manage data entering and leaving their networks via email
  • Easily deployed with a simple change to MX records that requires no hardware or software
  • Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting providing full visibility on the performance of the service and potential threats and usage patterns within the business
  • Offers peace of mind and guaranteed performance allowing you to focus on your business
  • Protects corporate bandwidth for the web, VoIP and other critical systems
  • Delivers effective anti-spam protection against new and emerging spam techniques.


Secure file sharing service enabling file exchange of rich media and large files (e.g. Brochures, CAD Drawings, Designs, Large confidential data files) using an easy, safe, cloud-based service, accessible anytime, anywhere.

How FileXchange can help your business –

  • Guaranteed safe delivery through our secure cloud network
  • Comprehensive tracking of file activity and virus scans, which, with the growth in the use of rich media and larger files is crucial to businesses who need a fast, easy to use, secure file sharing service.
  • Increase efficiency and employee productivity within your business, clients, and partners using our secure file exchange service.
  • Our managed file exchange service ensures your mail servers won’t be overloaded by exchange of large files by email.
  • Our cloud-based file sharing service means it is available anytime, anywhere to authorised users.
  • Topsec is under EU legislation, does not allow any person to grant access to delicate files, unless permission has been granted from the business owner. This contrasts with the US where the Patriot Act legislates that access is granted.