The global email monitoring service

Topsec Cloud Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based, managed email security solutions, providing services to a large and diverse international client base for 14 years.

Founded in 2002 Topsec Cloud Solutions has evolved through leveraging the scalability of cloud-based solutions to deliver best of class security services, affordable for businesses of all sizes.  The company now protects over half a million mailboxes with clients from 1 – 25,000 mailboxes.

Topsec Cloud Solutions services include anti-spam, anti-virus, emergency email, email content filtering, image analysis, email archiving, file sharing and Domain Management. In short, they meet their client’s security needs and help them secure and manage their businesses information with no upfront investment required.

How it works

Topsec Email Security employs an efficient layered approach to scale all email, checking for viruses, spam, and undesirable content. This is carried out via –

  • Security Gateway
  • Anti-virus/Anti-spam
  • Content Filtering

Email Security Features

Threats are dealt with securely before they hit the client gateway

  • All mails scanned by multiple anti-virus engines
  • Increased productivity and reduced bandwidth usage
  • Reduced overheads on overworked firewalls
  • Reduced overheads on mail servers
  • Email held for 7 days for automatic onward delivery in the event of customer infrastructure outages – at no cost
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Support
  • Complete flexibility in implementing multiple staff policies
  • Very easy set up
  • Multiple domains/sub domains filtered at no extra cost
  • For maximum protection outgoing as well as incoming email scanned
  • Application of multiple/bespoke email footers
  • Immediate notification if an email has been quarantined
  • Web-based interface for the immediate release of mails quarantined and for the generation of reports
  • The lowest false positive rate of any filtering solution
  • Optional daily spam digests up to 4 times per day allowing the end-users release of mails flagged as spam
  • Client access to dashboard, summary, detailed reporting providing full visibility on performance of the service and potential threats and usage patterns within the business