Sinefa makes your network better

As companies continue to migrate to the cloud, more applications are competing for limited bandwidth and users commonly face delays due to network congestion. When the network feels slow, user experience and business productivity are affected thus costing time and money. In order to solve this, service providers are now able to provide application visibility and control across your WAN and Internet in realtime. This means you are able to identify what is consuming bandwidth and prioritise key business applications to ensure smoother performance of your network.

Sinefa offers an extremely flexible traffic visibility and control function to provide detailed Layer 7 visibility of flows in 1-second resolution as well as historical reporting and trends, all from a single pane of glass. A restful API is available to query and integrate Sinefa into proprietary toolkits, dashboards, systems or mobile applications. Sinefa is ubiquitous and can be deployed at the branch and DC as an appliance, at traffic aggregation points and in private, public and hybrid clouds. Sinefa specialises in simple 100% coverage with a zero-configuration hardware probe or software probe (virtual, VNF, cloud).

Benefits –

  • Deep packet inspection and a dynamic intelligence engine find out easily whats hammering your network.  Get a centralised global view of all locations and users in minutes from the cloud and never have to worry about upgrades.
  • Create the dashboard that matters to you with a collection of ever expanding data widgets.  Share dashboards with colleagues and highlight key performance indicators for your network and different branch locations.
  • Historical data is stored for long term analysis and trending.   Drill down to individual users and their respective applications and websites. The data is always there for your analysis.  Analyse short and long term patterns and understand how trends impact your network.
  • Live! 1 second traffic snapshots.  Sinefa’s pervasive visibility can tell you at any one second what traffic is on the entire network and across multiple locations. Respond to issues much faster with 1 sec network wide snapshot of apps, users, websites, flows and more, all from a single web browser.
  • Shaping – Fast, easy, effective.  Simple, out of the box policies to make your network perform as expected. Control recreational, streaming and social apps that get in the way of critical business applications.  Guarantee the performance of voice, video & critical app which power your business.  With Sinefa, you don’t have to worry about adding new applications to control – Our cloud does this for you. Set the right polices, apply them across the whole network and focus on your core business.

Features – 

Live visibility with 1-second resolution
Get on top of traffic congestion on the network in realtime. See every flow across the whole network in 1-second resolution.

Cloud based – single pane of glass
Cloud based User Interface (UI) for simple management and analytics through a single pane of glass. Centralised updates ensure your network is always leveraging the latest and newest features.

Network Quality
Sinefa’s Network Quality Score (NQS) measures quality based on jitter, delay, loss and throughput. Test the quality of network links 24×7 across multiple locations including testing to Sinefa probes in AWS and Azure locations globally.

Traffic Shaping in realtime
Easily shape traffic, prioritise critical business applications and control recreational applications by Active Directory (AD) groups, VLANs and more.

BYOD visibility
Identify how BYOD devices are being used on your network including by AD user.

Measure Application RTT
See Round Trip Times (RTT) and TCP health by application, host, location and website.

Historical drill-down and analytics
Application flows and network history are stored for up to 2 years. Easily identify historical network trends.

Comprehensive reporting
Generate customised reports about your network as often as you need them. User friendly reports ensure you’re able to easily share network insights with non-technical key stakeholders.

Simple sharing
Invite key internal stakeholders to your account with a single click.

Inline & out of path deployments
Deploy in the line of traffic for control or sit on the sidelines to provide scaleable visibility.

Active Directory integration
Visualize and shape traffic by AD username and group.

API Interface
The API provides access to all of Sinefa’s data for integration into 3rd party reporting and alerting systems.

Physical, Virtual, Cloud & VNF
Get a box, spin up a VM, launch in AWS or Azure, or deploy as a Virtual Network Function alongside firewalls and routers – Sinefa provides complete coverage.