Sinefa – TOURtech

Very connected audiences at live events like Coachella or Lollapalooza, challenge the temporary data networks that support them. TOURtech is now using Sinefa to transform network performance at 80-100 events every year, gaining much needed visibility and control of network traffic. This has helped TOUR tech significantly improve the services it offers, as well as customer satisfaction.

Sinefa and Stokes

Identifying enterprise network traffic problems and solving them – in minutes!

Stokes, an Australian, publicly listed company that offers advanced audio visual and lighting technologies was experiencing poor network performance. After two bandwidth upgrades and hours of troubleshooting, Stokes’ IT team installed Sinefa and, within minutes, found that the problem was caused by how they were using the link. With this insight and by using traffic shaping, they were able to avoid a dispute with their ISP, reduce the cost of their link, improve network performance and increase staff productivity.

Sinefa and Rathbone Wine Group

Rathbone have used Telstra as their internet service provider since inception. They have four locations including a head office and data centre in Melbourne, Australia. They had a three-year premium service contract with Telstra, costing AU$16,000 per month. Telstra provides a VPN via the Connect IP service and managed firewall service. Their core enterprise application is Microsoft Dynamics, with Office 365 used extensively across their 245 seat network. They also have a critical software application for staff pay. Remote sites are connected by RDP with link speeds varying from 500Kbps to 10Mbps. Their warehouse management solution is provided by Manhattan Associates. One regional connection is via NBN satellite, while the others are traditional ADSL links.

Sinefa and Evolution Healthcare

What is making this hospital network sick?

Evolution Healthcare is a private hospital group in New South Wales, Australia. With data charges running high in a key location, Evolution Healthcare turned to Sinefa partner Tango Technology to identify the cause. By introducing Sinefa’s visibility and control solution they have identified and eliminated the bandwidth issues caused by non-critical applications and made signficant savings on data consumption charges.
After solving the issue in the highest priority site, Tango Technology was able to go on and add further Sinefa modules to other sites in the Evolution Healthcare network.

Oxford Falls Grammar School

Oxford Falls Grammar School delivers a great network experience for staff & students with Sinefa’s cloud based Application Visibility & Control service. Oxford Falls Grammar School (OFGS) operates a sophisticated network with many fixed and wireless devices including smart phones and iPads. A high speed link keeps students and staff connected to the internet. After a rapid increase in the number of devices attached to the network there has been a noticeable decrease in the performance of core software applications. This has impacted the performance of staff and their ability to deliver education to students.