Sinefa is a Melbourne based software company founded in 2011 that is helping to transform the performance of data networks across the world.

Sinefa provides visibility and control for data networks. It allows network managers to see all the applications, users, devices, and links on the network, and to easily redirect bandwidth to critical applications. Increased network performance boosts productivity, eases user frustration and reduces network management costs. Sinefa is the simplest solution on the market, providing immediate total visibility and control that saves users and managers time.

Simply put Sinefa makes your network better –

  • It’s about time that network visability and control was made easy
  • It’s about saving time so you can focus on other priorities
  • It’s about time there was a visability and shaping tool this easy to deploy
  • It’s about deep network intelligence that saves you time
  • It’s about time saved through optimal network performance
  • It’s about time you could see your entire network on a single dashboard
  • Its plug and play probe will get you up and running in no time