Layer 8 Toolkit®

A suite of tools available as an app on IoS, Android and web.


  • Wealth of engaging, quality content to raise employee awareness
  • Content comes in form of films, audio and articles
  • Daily messages with news of threats and security tips
  • Enables CISOs to identify what people know and what people do
  • Measures engagement and security culture maturity as it develops
  • Provides a forum for Security Champions

Subscribers to the Layer 8 Toolkit can select from a number of elements, as follows…


Security Culture Maturity Survey

  • Baseline existing security culture
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Evidence need for people strategy
  • 5-minute completion for participants
  • Full report and management summary
  • Bespoke invitation options
  • De-identification option
  • Exception reporting

Security Messages Every Day

  • Alerts employees to current scams and threats
  • Engaging and thought-provoking content
  • Useful tips about security best practice
  • Connects security at home and at work
  • 30-second to 1-minute read
  • Scroll back through store of previous messages

Security Awareness Materials for Employees

  • New topic every month, eg Data Protection, Social Engineering, Mobile Security
  • Aligned to industry standards (GDPR, NIST, ISO, Cyber Essentials)
  • Rich media, including film and audio as well as articles
  • Variety of engaging content, including topic overview, scenarios, quick wins, analogies and insights into the hacker’s perspective
  • Average time to consume a piece of content is 4 minutes
  • Monthly ‘What Would You Do?’ and ‘What Do You Know?’ compliance questions.

Toolkit Management Information

  • View employee engagement (with BeMoreSecure and DailySecure) in real time
  • See how people are answering compliance questions and see knowledge gaps
  • Filter by demographics bespoke for your business
  • Discover risky people, business areas, locations
  • Pinpoint where security and business processes conflict
  • Identify most effective methods of learning
  • Create bespoke reports
  • Exception reporting

Communications Hub for Security Champions

  • Enables network of champions/advocates to stay in close contact
  • Space to ask questions and share answers
  • Bank of articles about their role as leaders
  • Repository for key internal security documents and contacts
  • Means to feedback to CISOs about activity
Live Workshops

Live interactive workshops for focused interventions with employees.

  • Raise awareness of key topics like social engineering or data protection
  • Get people collaborating and solving problems
  • Workshops use dramatic scenarios to engage and explain
  • Use workshops to get buy-in from your board and senior management
  • Deliver a security induction for new employees
  • Request bespoke sessions for high-risk groups
  • Participants develop action plans to put into practice immediately
Layer 8 Champions

Layer 8 works with businesses to develop networks of security advocates, who:

  • Lead ‘the security conversation’ in the business
  • Make it their mission to communicate key messages,
  • Demonstrate best practice to colleagues
  • Take the initiative when they spot something that isn’t right.
  • Keep security ‘on the agenda’ at departmental level
  • Collaborate on organisation-wide security awareness strategies and initiatives
  • Report incidents and vulnerabilities to relevant colleagues and departments

The Layer 8 team can support you further by:

  • Designing your security people strategy
  • Identifying ways to align your people strategy with the business
  • Developing people-centred KPIs
  • Creating a business case for security
  • Talking to your key stakeholders
  • Running targeted workshops and presentations