Activate your human firewall and reduce risk.

Layer 8 provides cyber-security training that is proven to change employee behaviour. Making businesses secure and resilient.

A change in behaviour only happens when we are given the opportunity to converse and collaborate. Remove conversation, and you remove the catalyst for change.

Layer 8 provides the tools, materials and framework to maintain a conversation about security that:

  • Brings about behavioural, and
  • Can be measured.

From the Layer 8 Toolkit® – engaging quality content to raise employee awareness, live experiential workshops, to the Layer 8 Champions initiative. Layer 8 delivers solutions suited to every budget. Their unique blend of experience, in education and theatre as well as in the security industry, sets them apart. Key messages are retained, behaviours changed and unique statistics allow customers to measure people risk.

Tech alone can’t solve security. Hackers target people, and those people can be an organisation’s weakest link or it’s strongest asset. It’s not just about stopping breaches, it’s about protecting reputations, maintaining share prices and contributing to commercial success. Layer 8’s solutions are an essential enhancement to established network security, enabling employees to become the proactive defenders of their business they need to be.

Activate your human firewall with Layer 8 and start transforming your security culture today.

Products and Services Overview

  • The Layer 8 Toolkit® – a suite of engagement, training and measurement tools available in App or Web
  • Layer 8 Live – interactive, experiential workshops delivered at your business
  • Layer 8 Champions – sustainable security culture change through an employee network
  • Layer 8 Consultancy – work with us to develop a people strategy and get buy-in

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