Disaster Recovery

Infrascale Disaster Recovery is a hybrid cloud disaster recovery as a service that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.

  • Eliminates downtime & data loss​
  • Your ransomware insurance​
  • Unparalleled Affordability​
  • It works by backing up physical servers and virtual machines to a local appliance before it is replicated to the cloud.  The cloud could be a private cloud, Infrascale’s cloud or a popular third party cloud, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix.

When a server crashes, or a file just needs to be restored, you can quickly restore recently backed up files locally or from the cloud. And in events – such as natural disasters – where both the primary server and the DR appliance are unavailable, then systems can be spun up in the cloud as a temporary center of operations until the primary servers can be restored.  This hybrid approach enables you to spin up VMs locally or from the cloud, enabling your users to access their data and applications from a temporary production site, buying you time to fix the root problem.

Key Features:

  • Protected Systems
  • 15 minute failover guarantee
  • Drag & Drop Orchestration
  • Software Defined Networking
  • DR Testing
  • Ransomware Mitigation
  • Industry Recognition
  • Cloud Choice
  • Hybrid & Cloud Options

Cloud Backup

Infrascale Cloud Backup is an enterprise-grade direct-to-cloud backup solution that protects servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all in one solution. Built to meet the needs of businesses and organisations that handle sensitive information Cloud Backup provides proactive regulatory compliance capabilities to ensure that you stay ahead of potential data risks.

How it Works:

Mass Deployment – You can mass deploy backup agents to branch office laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. You can even integrate your deployment with Active Directory to automatically create accounts.

Setup Monitoring Alerts – Create alerts to show errors, warnings, successes, missed backups, anomalies, or any combination of these. Proactive alerts will save you time and ensure all of your organization’s data and devices are protected.

Test a Recovery – With Infrascale Cloud Backup, you can recover files and folders, even entire images, in seconds. With unlimited testing, you can even run as many test recoveries as you’d like.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Protect all your data
  • Unlimited version history
  • Anomaly (Ransomware) Detection
  • Snowden-Proof Encryption
  • Trust in the Cloud
  • Road Warriors & Branch Offices



Cloud Failover Appliance

The Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) is an enterprise-grade disaster recovery (DR) solution that provides push-button failover for Windows and Linux machines, both locally and in the cloud. Available as a virtual or physical appliance, the CFA comes with a fully integrated, backup, DR and archiving platform for all your files, applications and machines.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Cloud Spillover
  • Failover to the Cloud
  • Hyper-V & VMware Agentless Backup
  • Local Disaster Recovery
  • 15 Minute Failover Guarantee
  • Central Deployment and Management
  • Deployable on Your Own Hardware
  • Full and Granular Recovery
  • DR for Linux
  • Secure, Offsite Replication

Google Cloud Platform

When it comes to BDR recovery, speed matters. But when it comes to server failures, 80% of organisation take more than one hour to recover and 25% take more than two hours to recover. When you consider all the costs of downtime – from lost revenues, productivity, and brand reputation – every minute counts. That’s why Infrascale has teamed with Google to offer our customers (and the partners who serve them) enterprise-class data protection that delivers lightning fast failover.

  • 15-Minute Failover Guarantee
  • Bridge to Google Cloud
  • Future Proof Infrastructure
  • Never Pay a Ransom
  • Snowden-Proof Encryption
  • Dramatically More Affordable