Real-Time Analytics for Performance Monitoring and Network Security – Backed up by Machine Learning

ExtraHop has created a fundamentally new way to analyse every digital interaction occurring on the network and turns that data into an accurate and timely source of IT intelligence called wire data, the definitive source for real-time analytics.

ExtraHop gives IT Operations, Network, and Security teams comprehensive visibility across everything that is happening in the hybrid environment. ExtraHop turns network data in flight into structured wire data providing deep insights without having to deploy agents or collect logs.

Erase blind spots with machine learning to surface issues and threats in your environment before they can impact the business, providing the intelligence needed to automate response workflows based on anomalous behavior across the enterprise.

ExtraHop puts real-time visibility in context with live activity maps and a visual query language so anyone, not just trained data scientists, can easily explore every communication on the network. Democratise your data, improve collaboration throughout your organisation, and find the truth in seconds instead of hours.

The high-speed, streaming data store indexes and stores wire data for immediate access to live metrics, transaction records, and packets for forensic evidence. Investigate anomalies with automatic response workflows and current and historical activity maps that take you from issue to packet in a matter of clicks.

ExtraHop works with existing IT toolsets, streaming wire data to other platforms for correlation with other datasets, automated incident response and anomaly-initiated workflows in systems like ServiceNow.


ExtraHop’s real-time analytics and machine-driven anomaly detection enables abnormal behavioural patterns to be quickly identified as they occur anywhere across the enterprise.

  • Auto-discovery and classification of IT assets for a complete view of all connected devices
  • Cross-tier visibility with application fluency for context
  • Holistic monitoring across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments

    ExtraHop analytics-first workflow takes you from issue to associated packet in a matter of clicks, saving hours of troubleshooting time and enabling real-time insights and rapid threat responses.

  • Machine learning automatically surfaces performance and security anomalies
  • Open and extensible platform so you can automate workflows
  • Seamless drill-down from detected event to details needed for forensic investigation

    With ExtraHop’s real-time analytics and machine-driven anomaly detection, you can spot abnormal behavioral patterns as they occur anywhere across your enterprise.

  • Advanced threat detection with east-west network traffic analysis
  • Ready-to- go solutions for ransomware, authentication and more
  • Integration with Splunk, Palo Alto, ServiceNow and others