The Role of IT in Education

Information Technology (IT) today is not just a subject that is taught to the younger generation, it has become a vital tool in the delivery of education at every level.

Schools and higher education establishments strive to build adaptive, cost-effective network infrastructures to support sophisticated teaching and learning styles. IT is no longer just used as a research tool and internet access is now an essential part of a student’s curriculum to encourage comprehensive learning. Most education establishments are now online for a wide range of processes including attendance, creating and submitting assignments…

The Healthcare Challenge

Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) need to maintain a perfect balance between strict security and privacy regulations whilst meeting the increasing pressure on enhancing existing IT infrastructures.

Other key issues include compliance, the implementation of new technological updates such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), cost reduction and the scarcity of IT talent in the industry. This whitepaper will highlight common healthcare IT security challenges and discuss how Cyberoam can enable HCOs to comply with all regulatory requirements including the Data Protection Act.