Five Keys to Re-inventing Hospitality WiFi

Free in-room WiFi is the most important accommodation amenity when deciding where to stay
The era of mobility is transforming the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts are dealing with hyperconnected customers that need, and expect, high-performance WiFi. According to a recent SmartBrief poll, 40% of guests travel with three or more WiFi enabled devices. This could mean that a family of four could have over 10 mobile devices in just one room, placing a huge strain on your WiFi network. Guests are also bringing their entertainment subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) with them requiring more bandwidth and further straining the network.

The Top Five Things to Understand About 802.11AC

In the past decade, the mandate for today’s IT leaders has changed more than that of any other executive positions in the business world. Business leaders are looking to IT departments to help make workers more productive and find new ways of working while lowering IT costs. Although doing both may seem daunting to technology executives, the shift to mobile computing is a critical step in achieving these goals. Mobile computing untethers workers from the shackles of the traditional desktop and enables them to perform any task or access any content from any location.