Increased network efficiency at lowest possible cost

ADTRAN is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment, with a portfolio of intelligent solutions deployed by some of the world’s largest service providers, distributed enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.

With products for both carrier and enterprise markets, ADTRAN is uniquely positioned to provide complete end-to-end solutions that produce the greatest network efficiency and lowest possible costs.

Enterprise Solutions
Adtran solutions enable voice, data, video and internet communications across copper, fibre and wireless network infrastructures. They include:

  • Routers
  • Fast ethernet
  • Gigabit and PoE switches
  • IP communications platforms
  • IP telephones
  • IP PBX platforms
  • Wireless access points
  • Security appliances
  • Management platforms

Carrier Solutions
The Carrier Networks division offers a broad portfolio of products including:

  • Broadband access platforms
  • FTTN sealed OSP DSLAMs
  • ATM/TDM aggregation equipment
  • Fibre access platforms
  • Fibre add/drop multiplexers
  • M13/STS-1 multiplexers
  • HDSL2/4 technologies
  • SHDSL and ADSL technologies
  • Narrowband access platforms.