VCW Security Limited

Standard Terms Of Business

(June 2014)

1. These are the terms on which we sell our goods to you (under the law of England and Wales). In relation to the supply of goods these terms and no others apply, even if we receive your order with different terms and conditions printed on it. If you have chosen to purchase services such as maintenance support this element of your order will be governed by the applicable service Terms and Conditions.

2. We may at any time assign the contract and the benefit of these terms to any company which is within the same group of companies as us or which is a company associated with us PROVIDED THAT the assignee covenants to perform our obligations under the Contract.

3. Upon receipt of the completed Customer Account Application annexed to these terms we will seek to obtain credit insurance cover (referred to below as “cover”) for any credit facilities offered. If we are unable to obtain the necessary cover for any order(s) placed we may:

  • terminate the Contract:
  • demand immediate payment of the shortfall between the cover actually obtained and the price.

4. We will accept only a written order from you. A legally binding contract (referred to below as ‘the Contract’) is made only when we accept your written order by sending or otherwise transmitting to you our ‘Order Acknowledgement’. After we have sent or otherwise transmitted the ‘Order Acknowledgement’ to you, you are not entitled to change or cancel your order.

5. On the ‘Order Acknowledgement’ are the ‘list price’ and ‘discount price’ of the goods you have agreed to buy; we have agreed to sell the goods to you at the discount price on the strict understanding that you pay for them within 30 days after the date on our invoice, after that time the list price becomes payable. A new invoice will be raised for the difference between the list price and the discount price (with VAT), both invoices are then payable within 7 days from the date of the second ‘loss of discount’ invoice.

6. The goods belong to us until you have paid for them, but they are at your risk from the date that they are delivered to you. If you don’t pay for the goods (or for the loss of discount) on time, we shall be entitled to decline to supply any other goods that have been ordered but not delivered, and may collect from you those which have not been paid for.

7. If any cheque received by us from you under the Contract is dishonoured for nonacceptance or nonpayment we will add a fee of £50.00 to the price payable under the Contract to cover any resulting administration expenses we may incur.

8. We reserve the right to charge you for the cost of any site visit or the preparation of any quotation at such rates as are published from time to time in our price list, a copy of which is available on request.

9. If you want to reject the goods because they are not in accordance with the Contract, you must tell us within two working days after they are delivered to you. If goods are returned (either under this clause or because we have exercised our discretion allowing you to return them) you must follow our instructions as to their return. Any goods returned are at your risk when in transit.

10. If we are prevented from or delayed in supplying goods which you have ordered by things that are outside our reasonable control we shall not be liable to you.

11. If on occasions you are not held strictly to these terms, we shall still be entitled to rely on them later if we wish.

12. If the order fails to arrive you must let us know within two working days after the date of dispatch as appears on the invoice. If you don’t you will not be entitled to make any claim to us for the failure of the goods to arrive. A clear signature on a carrier’s delivery advice sheet will signify receipt of the quantity of packages indicated on the advice sheet.

13. If the goods you receive from us are not in accordance with the Contract for any reason we will:-

  • make good any shortage,replace any goods that are not of the type or specification ordered,
  • replace any goods that we are satisfied are defective or (by our choice) in each case refund a proportionate part of the price, and:-
  • our liability for breach contract or otherwise shall not exceed the price;
  • we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by you (or for the loss of anyone to whom you are liable), but, we are not allowed to restrict or exclude our liability for:-
  • our negligence which causes death or personal injury or
  • your statutory rights i you a ‘consumer’ (see the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977)