DNS management has always been a complex task. The main issue is that it is often a convergence of two different disciplines – system administration and network management.

You need system administration skills to compile nameservers, edit zone data files and configure files. You also need networking expertise with a detailed understanding IP addresses and subnets.

The dual nature of DNS management means that computing and networking departments are often reluctant to take responsibility

Until management makes the decision for them and it becomes a resource issue. An experienced IT specialist is required with skills and experience in each area.

Also, depending on the complexity of the infrastructure, a single skilled administrator may not be sufficient.

When an organisation spans multiple locations, it adds a layer complexity along with multiple operating systems, software systems and other DNS implementations. A team of administrators with experience of different operating systems and name servers may be necessary across the different locations.

This is a problem that is not going away as organisations as almost every TCP/ IP based network and business application uses DNS. It is a fact that if DNS is not working then neither is the network, which massively impacts productivity and the bottom line.

Even desktops start to be reliant on DNS. Computers that belong to Active Directory domains will need to look up SRV records in DNS to locate a Domain Controller. Without DNS this process can’t take place so login authentication services can’t occur.

And then, there’s the security aspect of DNS management.

According to Infosecurity magazine, an estimated 20% of UK businesses were subject to a DNS attack. Without the proper security hackers would be able to take control of your DNS and extract sensitive data. They could also divert users to fake Facebook or banking sites and capture login credentials.

If you use Office 365 or SharePoint, they can do something similar.

One option is to outsource your DNS management to industry leading experts with the skills, experience and infrastructure in place.