Enterprises – or businesses – cannot afford to bring to a halt (even for a short period) their activities. Because doing so would mean a loss for them; loss in terms of money and customers. Therefore “continuous and seamless operation” is needed for them in order to reap the benefits. And carrying out regular “patch management” is one way of accomplishing this.
1. Out-of-sight Devices

With the appropriate security applications, IT administrators are able to monitor devices connected to the network in real-time to ensure their security. However, business requirements may demand that some devices may have to go offline and some out-of-the-corporate network. This is a significant vulnerability as it is difficult to monitor such devices. A significant number of attacks have occurred through such endpoints and this raises the need to ensure a way to protect such devices. Better visibility of these devices must be ensured.

2. Proactive Security Measures

IT Administrators must ensure that they have complete visibility over all the devices connected to the enterprise network. They must have absolute control over the security of those devices. Users must not be able to stop virus scans, control patch updates or install applications. While users may demand access to these features for better utilisation of the devices, it actually increases the risk multiple folds.

3. Employee Education

Endpoints are considered to be the weakest link in an enterprise network. It is mostly the action of an employee who clicks on a malicious link or opens a malicious attachment that allows malware in. These are phishing and spear phishing attacks, and these have become highly sophisticated. Employees must be advised to immediately flag such doubtful elements and notify the IT security administrators. Educating employees on security measures must be diligently undertaken on a regular scale.

4. Monitoring Malware Bulletins

IT administrators must keep tabs on malware bulletins, and ensure that all endpoints on the network are updated with the latest patches. Updated patches can block many an infiltration and ransomware malware infection attempt. Effective patch updation would only be possible with an effective patch management system, and this would help thwart ransomware attacks.


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