Companies need a quick, affordable and easy way to recover mission-critical operations in a blink of an eye.

The threats to your organisation’s uptime are numerous and growing, from routine server crashes to site-wide ransomware attacks. Given the escalating cost of downtime – often measured in tens of thousands of dollars every day — the value of Infrascale Disaster Recovery is undeniable.

Infrascale Disaster Recovery can also play a larger role when combined with Nutanix. It can be used as a vehicle to instantly migrate your workloads “as-is” from your existing hardware to Nutanix. Infrascale reduces migration costs and accelerates your move to Nutanix – shortening the payback period and increasing the ROI of your Nutanix investment.

Key DRaaS features that are included with the Nutanix integration –

Protected Systems

Drag and Drop Orchestration
Unlimited DR Testing


Failover Guarentee

Built-In Networking Configuration

Radical Transparency

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