Sinefa really improves the performance of your network and apps and reduces user frustration with its cloud-based visability and control. Quickly and affordably –
  • It allows you to easily see and understand who and what is using up bandwidth
  • It makes trouble shooting a breeze – you can tell whether it is congestion, the link or the infrastructure causing the problem
  • It is really easy to deploy – you can get a simple no-config hardware probe or a virtual probe
  • You can allocate bandwidth to mission-critical apps and make sure they always run well
  • You can run a free trial for 14 days
  • You can run many links and many networks from just one screen
  • It is surprisingly affordable with modest probe cost and then low monthly fees with no lock-in contract – just shut it down if you don’t like it
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For more information contact 01691 663000 or email