Get your people compliant and improve their security behaviours around data protection and privacy starting at £995.

You need employees to convert legislation into actions that will protect your business. Get key messages out fast and meet your compliance requirements with the Layer 8 Toolkit®.

Over 90 days, every one of your staff will get:

  • Daily security tips
  • Engaging and informative articles
  • 2-minute video challenges
  • 2-minute animated films
  • Quick wins
  • Questions to answer

The Layer 8 Toolkit® offer for SMEs includes:

  • 3 editions: Privacy, Data Breaches and Security Behaviours
  • Each edition comprises: 2 videos, 1 audio drama, 9 articles, 3 quick wins, 30 daily security tips
  • Access to the web, IoS and Android platforms
  • Exception report (telling you who has not completed)
Watch the 7-minute demo of the Layer 8 Toolkit® and get in touch with any questions or to sign-up.