Topsec – Icelantic

As Icelantic began to grow, one problem that arose was the need to manage multiple vendors offering the same service. From an email security perspective some of their customers had alliances to Trend Micro or Sophos. Some of these services were delivered on-premise which meant that there was a lot of manual maintenance and engineering time required in the background to clear logs and free up disk space.

Topsec – Roughan & O’Donovan Casestudy

As a medium sized company, ROD has a relatively small IT department supporting over 140 employees. Consequently, time and human resources are at a premium.

Sinefa – TOURtech

Very connected audiences at live events like Coachella or Lollapalooza, challenge the temporary data networks that support them. TOURtech is now using Sinefa to transform network performance at 80-100 events every year, gaining much needed visibility and control of network traffic. This has helped TOUR tech significantly improve the services it offers, as well as customer satisfaction.

Sinefa and Stokes

Identifying enterprise network traffic problems and solving them – in minutes!

Stokes, an Australian, publicly listed company that offers advanced audio visual and lighting technologies was experiencing poor network performance. After two bandwidth upgrades and hours of troubleshooting, Stokes’ IT team installed Sinefa and, within minutes, found that the problem was caused by how they were using the link. With this insight and by using traffic shaping, they were able to avoid a dispute with their ISP, reduce the cost of their link, improve network performance and increase staff productivity.

Sinefa and Rathbone Wine Group

Rathbone have used Telstra as their internet service provider since inception. They have four locations including a head office and data centre in Melbourne, Australia. They had a three-year premium service contract with Telstra, costing AU$16,000 per month. Telstra provides a VPN via the Connect IP service and managed firewall service. Their core enterprise application is Microsoft Dynamics, with Office 365 used extensively across their 245 seat network. They also have a critical software application for staff pay. Remote sites are connected by RDP with link speeds varying from 500Kbps to 10Mbps. Their warehouse management solution is provided by Manhattan Associates. One regional connection is via NBN satellite, while the others are traditional ADSL links.

Sinefa and Evolution Healthcare

What is making this hospital network sick?

Evolution Healthcare is a private hospital group in New South Wales, Australia. With data charges running high in a key location, Evolution Healthcare turned to Sinefa
partner Tango Technology to identify the cause.
By introducing Sinefa’s visibility and control solution they have the identified and eliminated the bandwidth issues caused by non-critical applications and made signficant savings on data consumption charges.
After solving the issue in the highest priority site, Tango Technology were able to go on and add further Sinefa modules to other sites in the Evolution Healthcare network.

Oxford Falls Grammar School

Oxford Falls Grammar School delivers a great network experience for staff & students with Sinefa’s cloud based Application Visibility & Control service.

Oxford Falls Grammar School (OFGS) operates a sophisticated network with many fixed and wireless devices including smart phones and iPads. A high speed link keeps students and staff connected to the internet. After a rapid increase in the number of devices attached to the network there has been a noticeable decrease in the performance of core software applications. This has impacted the performance of staff and their ability to deliver education to students.

Public School District

School District Prevents Malware and Consolidates Endpoint Security.

The small IT team at the Public School District* in Alabama was constantly on the move, managing standalone solutions and cleaning up infected tablets at each school. They replaced their signature-based anti-malware with Comodo® Advanced Endpoint Protection to keep students’ tablets malware free, and save time with unified IT security and remote management.

New Jersey

New Jersey Town Goes from Reacting to Malware to Preventing Cyberattacks

The municipal government of a thriving New Jersey town* was constantly under attack from cyber threats and IT was taking machines offline every day for remediation and patching. They replaced their traditional signature-based solution with Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection and now they can prevent cyberattacks instead of reacting to them.

Manhattan Hotel

Manhattan Hotel Protects Guests from Breaches with Advanced Endpoint Protection

The IT team of a prominent Manhattan hotel* was spending an unsustainable amount of time cleaning up malware and managing multiple security products. They replaced them all with Comodo® Advanced Endpoint Protection which closed security gaps. Now they spend time more effectively on priority IT projects and avoid malware and the burdens of remediation.

Caldwell County Government

Caldwell County Government serves over 38,000 local area residents from the county seat in Lockhart, TX.


Helsby High School is a state-maintained secondary school in Northwest Cheshire, for pupils aged between 11 and 18. Founded in 1897, Helsby has grown significantly over the years.

Canute Haulage

Canute Haulage is a leader in its field, demonstrated by the considerable growth the company has enjoyed over more than 30 years.

ADTRAN’s Bluesocket vWLAN Delivers Constant Wi-Fi Connectivity to Thousands of EICC Visitors

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) is a company owned by the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and operates as an independent commercial venture. Since opening in 1995, the EICC has welcomed more than 955,000 delegates through its doors for over 2,600 events, generating £320M in economic impact for the city of Edinburgh.

The One Point

A Leading Managed Services Provider Leverages Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Security Solution to Protect and Secure Its Own – and Its Customers’ Environments.

The One Point ( is a leading United Kingdom-based managed service provider with headquarters in Kingston Upon Hull, England. From business and mobile telecommunications to internet and digital services, The One Point provides a unified approach to all of its services, allowing customers to efficiently run their businesses without the hassle, cost and inconvenience of multiple security suppliers, vendors and solutions.



Systems supplier safeguards IT systems with unique endpoint security by Comodo

BOA GmbH is a systems supplier that provides specialised IT and telecommunications solutions to customers throughout Germany and Europe. Founded in 1994, the family-run business is based in Laupheim, Germany with additional business units including BOA Technology Finance GmbH and BOA Business Solutions GmbH. Its portfolio includes solutions in the IT infrastructure, security, communication.


Comodo’s Endpoint Security Solution Protects Sensitive Data From Cyber Theft
Organisations rely on technology to collaborate and share information as well as to conduct business. The increasing adoption of laptops, tablets and smartphones combined with an ever more mobile workforce have placed further pressure on IT networks, forcing administrators to prepare for an even wider range of business risks. Every device that connects to an IT network represents…



As the UK’s largest insurer and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance, Aviva provides around 31 million customers worldwide with insurance, savings and investment products. The company combines life insurance, general insurance and asset management businesses under one powerful brand and is committed to serving its customers well in order to build a strong, sustainable business, which makes a positive contribution to society.


eWinery Solutions

Software Innovator for the Wine Industry Uses Comodo Technology to Secure Their Infrastructure
Securing and protecting data isn’t confined to one particular industry. Headquartered in Napa, California, eWinery Solutions provides a complete wine-industry specific software solution to help wineries around the world manage their direct-to-consumer business from the first point of contact to extended customer interaction. The company is an innovative provider of e-commerce, wine club, wine production and point-of-sale solutions and is known for providing feature rich, flexible technology and excellent service to leading wineries nationwide.

Perry Community School District

School district relies on Comodo’s security technology to contain and defeat unwanted malware
As malware has tried to become more and more pervasive, industries, business, non-profits and organisations of all sizes have needed to take steps to
prevent network infection. Ensuring the protection of endpoint technology usage from desktops to laptops, smart phones to tablets from the threat of a rouge email attachment or a malicious Trojan or virus has become paramount. The IT staff at Perry Community School District are at the forefront of fighting that battle and keeping their IT infrastructure safe.


Proactive Remote Computer Solutions

IT Consulting and Management Business Uses Comodo Endpoint Security To Protect Itself – And Its Customers
Large and small businesses today rely on technology as a means of sharing information, conducting commerce and collaborating both across offices as
well as across continents. The rising adoption of laptops, tablets and smart phones and a mobile workforce have only further put an emphasis and
strain on the IT community, forcing administrators to prepare for every type of IT challenge.


Southlands English School in Rome

According to recent data from third party security analysts there are over 390,000 new malicious programmes discovered every day across the globe.
These malware threats are designed to hack into infrastructures to steal personal information, financial and corporate records, or plant infections that cause destruction and chaos. A blacklist of files helps keep malware at bay but what if a file is unknown and doesn’t appear on the blacklist? Traditional antivirus technologies cannot block the unknown file and by…


Efficient Content Filtering at Competitive Prices for Walford & North Shropshire College

Walford & North Shropshire College (WNSC) is a further education college in Shropshire, England. It was created in January 2001 following the merger of North Shropshire College in Oswestry and Whitchurch, and Walford College in Baschurch. The two main campuses are based in Walford and Oswestry, although there are other smaller centres throughout England.
The college specialises in providing the widest choice of A-Levels, full-time and part-time courses as well as work-based learning.


Reliable Cyberoam Replaces FortiGate in UK’s Leading Educational Institution.

Darrick Wood School is a secondary school for boys and girls aged 7-13, and has a roll of 1700+ pupils. Established in 1975, it is situated in Orpington, London Borough of Bromley. With an aim to remain in the forefront of educational development, the School provides an excellent learning environment to students complete with facilities incorporating the latest technology that contribute to its pupils’ success.
The school has been awarded Specialist Technology College and Harris Centre of Excellence status. It also has a highly successful sixth form, and HIU (hearing impaired unit). In its Ofsted inspection during April 2009 it achieved ‘Outstanding’, the highest grade attainable.


Cyberoam Secures Britain’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN), Putney was established in July 1854 by the philanthropist Mr.Andrew Reed in response to a plea from the author Charles Dickens to “give permanent relief to such persons as are hopelessly disqualified for the duties of life. Not to interfere with the endeavours of existing charities, but to take action precisely where their action ceased.” London based RHN is a 260-bed independent medical charity which aims to provide an authoritative and academic approach to all aspects of clinical management of people with rare, complex and chronic neurological disabilities. The institute depends heavily on the Internet for its administrative and research needs.


Cyberoam Security Helps W.J. Meade to Future Proof Real it’s Estate Agency Business

Originally formed in 1953, W.J. Meade Estate Agents have been a strong driving force for house and business property sales in the North & East London. The company has witnessed many changes in the housing market, and their friendly approach, dedicated staff and professionalism has made WJ Meade a burgeoning company and a household name in North and East London…

Cyberoam Provides Oundle School with Security and Reliability

Oundle School is situated near Petersborough in Cambridgeshire. It has buildings dispersed throughout the town, so pupils pass through the streets continually as they go to lessons, games or other activities. The School’s history goes back to 1556 when Sir William Laxton, Master of the Worshipful Company of Grocers and Lord Mayor of London, endowed and refounded the original Oundle Grammar School, of which he was a former pupil.


Cyberoam Ensures High-Speed and Secure Internet Access to Holiday Inn, Barnsley

The Holiday Inn Hotel in Barnsley is a modern hotel off the M1 motorway between Sheffield and Leeds. As a situated Holiday Inn, it forms part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).
The first Holiday Inn opened in August 1952 at 4941 Summer Avenue in Memphis, the main highway to Nashville, USA. Today, it is one of the world’s largest hotel chains with 238,440 bedrooms and 1,301 hotels globally. While internet is an amenity offered to the guests, it is also a business enabler…


Isolating Cyber Criminals Instead Of Fighting Them. Systems supplier safeguards IT systems with unique endpoint security by Comodo.

BOA GmbH is a systems supplier that provides specialised IT and telecommunications solutions to customers throughout Germany and Europe. Founded in 1994, the family-run business is based in Laupheim, Germany with additional business units including BOA Technology Finance GmbH and BOA Business Solutions GmbH. Its portfolio includes solutions in the IT infrastructure, security, communication, hospitality and building management sectors.


The City of Thousand Oaks, California

Located approximately 30 miles outside of Los Angeles, California the City of Thousand Oaks is home to nearly 130,000 residents. The municipality manages hundreds of desktop computers which are used by employees to help local residents with information ranging from water billing, transportation, home inspections and preventative maintenance. “We are using Comodo technology to manage our SSL certificates to keep the websites that our staff need to be on, secure. We trust Comodo and its security technology,” said Dustin Hurshman, IT Analyst for the…


Sochi Winter Olympics

In February 2014, over 2,800 athletes from 88 countries visited Sochi, Russia, to
participate in the XXII Winter Olympic Games.
Spectators and media from around the world also attended the historic games, and over 1.1 million tickets were
sold to the combined events. Sport fans unable to attend in-person were able to watch a new record of 102,000
hours of event coverage broadcasted on television and digital media. Social media played an even larger role in
the Sochi Games than previous Olympics with 2.2 million new followers on Facebook and Twitter, and a total
7.7 million Facebook fans.