Sinefa’s Network Benchmarks Sets the Bar for Achievable Cloud Application Performance

Sinefa introduces the first-ever, crowd-sourced network traffic insights. It allows enterprises to compare the performance of business-critical, cloud applications such as Salesforce and Office 365 with other organisations in similar industries and geographies.

The new Network Benchmarks compare application performance metrics, including transaction times and application health, with industry benchmarks. It provides context for network insights and allows quick and easy comparisons by industry or geography.

Network Managers can now make informed, improved decisions on network changes, applications investments, security and cloud.

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Sinefa and Gigamon deliver world’s first complete real-time traffic visibility coverage for public cloud in AWS

An increasing number of organisations are moving their workflows, applications and servers to the cloud, seeking to benefit from the improved flexibility and elasticity that cloud networks provide in managing enormous growth in data usage.

While delivering significant productivity benefits, moving to the cloud and virtualised network environments presents a number of challenges – namely the creation of network performance ‘blind spots’ and a lack of visibility into the traffic and applications using it.

“As networks become more fragmented and abstracted, it’s increasingly difficult for those with responsibility for the performance of those networks to see what’s going on,” says Chris Siakos, CTO at Sinefa.

The lack of traffic insights makes it difficult to guarantee a consistent application and user experience and difficult to track down intermittent performance issues. Without real-time traffic visibility across the whole network, performance of applications and cloud is compromised.

“Today, applications are accessed and can live in branch locations, data centres, across public and private clouds and mobile devices. As enterprise networks become more distributed and complex it’s getting harder to see how they’re operating and ensure applications on them are performing well.”

Sinefa and Gigamon’s solution addresses these challenges by delivering detailed application visibility and immediate traffic insights at all times, across all environments. By providing blind spot coverage at one second resolution, it enables better, faster decision making and an unprecedented ability to troubleshoot network and application performance issues.

This solution is available via the AWS Marketplace and allows users to view real-time insights and analytics from anywhere via a cloud-based interface.

“Sinefa and Gigamon have combined to create a world-first solution for AWS, which responds to some of the shortcomings inherent in moving to a public cloud,” says Mr Siakos.

“Generally, when you move into the cloud you gain flexibility but lose control and visibility, making it difficult to make sound infrastructure decisions and ensure a consistent customer experience. Together, we’re making traffic visibility across the whole network a simple reality.”

Cloud computing is also changing rapidly with edge computing growing in popularity for large data and low latency applications. Workloads can oscillate between cloud and edge depending on requirements which makes applications and workloads even more transitory and the network even more important. Being able to see what’s happening across the whole network in real-time becomes critical.

For Gigamon and Sinefa customers, this collaboration extends traffic visibility coverage from the branch, the data centre and programmable network to the public cloud. Sinefa’s agnostic and pervasive approach to traffic insights means complete coverage of any type of network – branch, virtual, SDN, physical, distributed, serverless compute, public cloud.

Is a slow network compromising the quality of your Skype calls?

Skype for Business is one of the most useful productivity tools an organisation can install but if the user experiences poor audio or video quality due to bandwidth problems on the network it can quickly become a productivity issue that puts pressure on the helpdesk. By installing a Sinefa probe insights into where the bandwidth is being hogged quickly become apparent.

Download this free whitepaper from Sinefa to –
  • See what is causing any performance problem
  • Prioritise Skype over other mission critical apps
  • Be alerted to performance issues

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Need to see what’s going on inside your IT network?

If you are experiencing congestion and bandwidth issues on your network but just can’t see the cause of the problem take a look at a visibility control & network management solution from Sinefa.

From only £40 per month Sinefa will quickly give you visibility of all the traffic inside and outside of the network. You can identify which applications and users are consuming all the bandwidth and allocate resources to those applications that need it the most.

Key Benefits:

  • Save time tracking down problems
  • Fast shaping and prioritisation
  • BYOD visibility
  • Simple sharing of network intelligence
  • Instant insights on a centralised dashboard
  • Get set up in seconds

Start your free trial now and see for yourself how Sinefa can boost productivity, ease user frustrations and reduce your network management costs.

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How to deliver the best Microsoft Office 365 experience for your customers

“Through 2019, more than half of all global-scale deployments of Microsoft Office 365 will experience network-related performance problems”

Gartner: Network Design Best Practices for Office 365 – 3 August 2016

Prepare your customers by finding out how to identify problems, give priority to mission critical applications such as Office 365 and optimise the performance of traffic going from the user’s network to the Microsoft network.

Download this free whitepaper from Sinefa to:

  • See what is causing any performance problem
  • Prioritise Microsoft cloud apps
  • Be alerted to performance issues

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Is your network causing you a headache?

Sinefa really improves the performance of your network and apps and reduces user frustration with its cloud-based visability and control. Quickly and affordably –
  • It allows you to easily see and understand who and what is using up bandwidth
  • It makes trouble shooting a breeze – you can tell whether it is congestion, the link or the infrastructure causing the problem
  • It is really easy to deploy – you can get a simple no-config hardware probe or a virtual probe
  • You can allocate bandwidth to mission-critical apps and make sure they always run well
  • You can run a free trial for 14 days
  • You can run many links and many networks from just one screen
  • It is surprisingly affordable with modest probe cost and then low monthly fees with no lock-in contract – just shut it down if you don’t like it
Watch the quick intro video


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How can your customers gain maximum benefits from Microsoft Azure

Find out how to optimise cloud-based Microsoft Azure platforms to ensure that internet bandwidth and the performance of customer applications is not impacted.

Download this free whitepaper from Sinefa to discover how to:

  • Achieve 100% visibility of the cloud network
  • Maximise the available network infrastructure
  • Prioritise and protect the performance of applications

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Sinefa helps TourTech to transform Wi-Fi performance at live events

Live events encounter a range of challenges, such as huge volumes of network traffic, and the need to set up temporary networks in a limited amount of time so that visitors can share events on social media, make cash-free purchases and stream videos.

Microsoft partner Sinefa is working with TOURtech to transform network performance at 80-100 events every year allowing them to gain much needed visibility and control of the network traffic and significantly improve the service it offers as well as customer satisfaction by decreasing network performance related complaints.

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I’m a Service Provider, how do I prove a quality of service to my customers?

If you are an Enterprise focused Service Provider I’ll bet you get asked questions like:
  • Can you prove to me that the newly installed network is working better than before?
  • How is the network performing compared to last week?
  • Can I see the Network Quality Scoring (NQS)?
  • Are you delivering what you are charging me for?

Answering these questions would normally mean installing hardware and sending engineers on site.

No more. A software only solution from Sinefa allows Service Providers to see what has been to date a black hole in terms of network capacity, utilisation and quality. Sinefa’s sophisticated quality measurement software provides the Network Manager with a powerful yet simple metric called the Network Quality Score (NQS). Armed with this information Network Operators can increase the performance of their network by making the right decisions to address network bottlenecks, high latency, inconsistencies and equipment failures.

Simple to understand, easy to use and powerful in articulating network quality statements to Service Provider customers.

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How to turn your network into a Microsoft Freeway

The Challenge

Organisations are using Microsoft cloud applications to improve productivity, streamline collaboration and increase operational efficiencies whilst also seeking to reduce IT costs and keep pace with changing networks.

The success of cloud adoption is very much dependent on how well the network performs.

If network performance is poor, the user experience and business productivity are affected, resulting in eroded business profits and increased network costs as operators try to identify where the issue is coming from. This in turn impacts the ROI on cloud investment and could lead to further adoption ceasing.

The Solution

Sinefa’s traffic visibility tells a story about your network, providing the fundamental insights needed to create the Microsoft Freeway using four key building blocks:

  1. Pervasive network traffic visibility and insights
  2. Baseline the network
  3. Monitor link quality
  4. Guarantee performance

Download our guide to learn more about how to create the ultimate Microsoft Freeway for Office 365, Azure & Skype.

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Sinefa – The warp speed vendor

Networks, data and network users are all moving at warp speed and so is the challenge of trying to identify what is impacting network performance and end user experience.

The channel has many static RMM tools, firewalls, WAN op devices, netflow and more to try and figure this challenge out yet the search for answers continues. Sinefa has the answer.

Sinefa’s powerful layer 7 visibility and control platform is built on speed and simplicity. WARP speed equals –

  • Live streaming of who and what is consuming bandwidth!
  • Immediate free trial
  • Physical probes delivered globally within 72 hours; or
  • Free virtual probes deployed in less than 45 mins for instant visibility
  • Agnostic technology – any operator, any link type, any network hardware
  • Visibility across WAN/Internet/Public or private cloud
  • Pure opex subscription model
  • Simple bandwidth pricing model 100Mbps/1Gbps/10Gbps
  • Instant accreditation for partners
  • Awesome support with Live chat

There’s no more need for time consuming and costly POC’s and budget approvals. No need to rip and replace existing infrastructure. No more finger pointing! Everyone gets access to the pane of glass – the customer, the application provider, the MSP and the Telco.

Identify network issues instantly and present your solutions to customers who will pay for services on fact based information.

Start your Sinefa trial today and get your network management moving at the same WARP speed your customers are moving at.

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Exinda customers switch to Sinefa – The easiest swap out you’ve ever come across

You may have heard the news about Exinda being sold, so what do you need to know?

The most exciting news for Exinda customers is that an upgrade to Sinefa is available and seamless.

Focussing on scale, pervasiveness, ease of use, and coupled with cloud based management and deep traffic intelligence & insights, Sinefa is the visibility choice for networks across the world.

  • Sinefa will provide its solution at no cost for up to 12 months until the end of your current Exinda maintenance contract (conditions apply)
  • Reporting is enhanced with centralised cloud based reporting.
  • Sinefa Live gives you 1-second resolution of traffic across the entire WAN
  • Shaping policies are simplified and standardised across all appliances/probes
  • No new hardware required (*dependant on Exinda appliance models)
  • Cloud based centralised UI makes management simple whether you have one appliance or one thousand appliances
  • Exinda customers who use WAN optimisation features may not be eligible. If you are using these features please get in touch below to find out if you are eligible.
  • This offer is only available until 30 June, 2017
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
Get in touch with us below to access the Sinefa Upgrade offer or to learn more about how Sinefa can take your network management capabilities to the next level.

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2017 Forrester Insights : Digital Transformations will shatter Networks that aren’t ready

Learn why most digital transformation initiatives and cloud migrations are doomed from the start. Why? The network won’t be good enough to support them.

According to Forrester there is more involved than the network architecture and the underpinning technologies. Networking professionals must build a smart and reliable network that accommodates the increased complexities and bandwidth requirements of cloud applications and services.

The success or failure of cloud adoption is often dependent on how the network is being used. Having the right technology in place to gain valuable insights and visibility into the performance of the network is crucial to your digital and cloud strategy.

Download this white paper to find out how to build a reliable network:

  • Let the business prioritise the apps and allow dedicated bandwidth
  • Consider costs and tradeoffs of reducing MPLS or similar services
  • Push SaaS and nonessential traffic through internet connections

For more information contact 01691 663000 or email

Sinefa Webinar – Learn how Layer 7 visibility improves network performance, reduces your business costs and helps you grow other services revenue

As data traffic growth continues to explode, identifying why the network is slow or having performance issues is a complex and expensive challenge for MSP’s.

Network congestion is often the issue and identifying who and what is consuming bandwidth is critical. The irony is that end users often overload the network, yet Network Managers and providers bear the brunt of the finger pointing.

Sinefa addresses these problems by providing Layer 7 visibility of network traffic. Sinefa’s customer facing real-time and historical visibility allows you to see which applications are consuming the most bandwidth giving you objective, data-driven actionable insights including the ability to apply real-time traffic shaping to ensure key business applications perform.

Join VCW Security & Sinefa on Thursday 25th May 2017 at 11am BST and Thursday 1st June 2017 at 11am BST, so we can demonstrate how to deliver the network and application performance your customers expect and show you how to give consistent performance that is tuned to the specific needs of your customers at the same time as reducing your costs and creating loyalty.

In this 45 minute webinar you will learn:

• How to Identify why the network is slow
• How to improve the performance of applications including Microsoft 0365
• Rightsizing/baselining your customers network for cloud migration
• The simplest way to identify OS updates and their impact on the network
• How to provide customer facing visability from your DC

How to build a more efficient, more profitable IT business

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you need to be able to deliver network services to your customers profitably and with the best possible quality.

Sinefa enables MSPs to obtain continuous insight into their networks to be able to do just that.

By giving you complete visibility of network traffic, identified by application type. Sinefa allows you to see, in real-time and historically, which applications are consuming the most bandwidth, allowing you to make objective, fact-based decisions and apply real-time traffic shaping to control your network.

5 good reasons to partner with Sinefa


business icon 11. Build a more efficient, more profitable IT business

Sinefa is a next-generation network management solution. It is cloud-based and offers organisations layer 7 application visibility, traffic shaping and network quality across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Scaling from one site to thousands, Sinefa is ideal for deployment in almost any environment. It allows you to manage multiple networks efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal overhead. As a result, you’ll see huge improvements in customer satisfaction and business performance.

business icon 22. Improve your customer service levels

Sinefa delivers happier customers! Installing Sinefa on your customer networks means that applications will perform better. Sinefa-enabled networks mean fewer complaints, fewer service tickets, fewer site visits and much faster resolution of support issues. You’ll see instant improvements in customer satisfaction.

business icon 33. Do more with less

Sinefa allows you to manage more customer networks, more effectively and with fewer staff. Sinefa provides a unique level of visibility, so you can anticipate and upsell services that precisely match your customers’ needs. Sinefa delivers the platform for a more efficient, profitable IT business.

business icon 44. Comply with Service Level Agreements

Ensure compliance with SLAs and deliver the performance your customers expect. Sinefa helps you to avoid penalties and provide an optimised experience that is specific to their needs.

business icon 55. Gain an important strategic advantage

Sinefa allows you to stand apart from your competitors. You’ll be able to transition from simple static services and sales to dynamic field network management, opening up new recurring revenue opportunities. You’ll be able to provide your clients with a unique level of service.

For more information contact 01691 663000 or email

Sinefa Webinar – Learn Best Practice for Microsoft App Performance

The continued growth of cloud applications, and in particular the Microsoft stack (O365, Sharepoint, Dynamics, S4B), is adding a significant amount of new traffic onto WAN and internet links.

This is posing lots of challenges for Network Managers on capacity planning, link upgrades and ensuring the performance of the apps.

Network Managers can use Sinefa to establish the baseline, pre and post migration of new apps allowing them immediate insights into how the network is being utilised and to see the additional traffic profile of the new apps. Sinefa also provides traffic shaping which ensures you’re able to control the bandwidth for the first replication of mailboxes of O365. Left unchecked, this replication can consume all the available bandwidth and impact all apps and the user experience​.

Join VCW Security & Sinefa on Thursday 4th May 2017, 11am BST so we can demonstrate how best to plan for the move to Azure, the impact migration can have on network performance and how to monitor for ongoing performance.

In this 45 minute presentation you will learn:

• To baseline the network to determine how data links are being utilised by MS apps
• Network quality testing to ensure a optimal data link to Azure etc
• How to ensure that the initial replication does not impact on the performance of the network or other key business applications
• To shape traffic to ensure Microsoft applications have guaranteed access
• How to monitor the footprint of Microsoft applications to see how much traffic the apps are generating
• How to monitor data links 24/7 from the customer site to Azure for delay, jitter and packet loss
• Set up alerts to ensure the MSP is made aware of any issues before they occur

Register for our channel events in Manchester & London

The VCW Security team are pleased to announce new partnerships with Sinefa and Infrascale.

As part of this announcement we are holding a series of events for the channel, specifically for Managed Service Providers, VAR’s, CSP’s, System Integrators and ISP’s. Each session will give a sales overview and technical demonstration providing attendees with the tools to build services revenue through Infrascale Backup & DRaaS, and the Sinefa WAN visibility Platform.

Manchester Lunch & Learn

Monday 8th May
Pier Eight Room
The Lowry Conference Centre

Meet the Vendors:

Sinefa provides visibility and control for data networks. It allows network managers to see all the applications, users, devices, and links on the network, and to easily redirect bandwidth to critical applications. Increased network performance boosts productivity, eases user frustration and reduces network management costs. Sinefa is the simplest solution on the market, providing immediate total visibility and control that saves users and managers time.

London City Breakfast Meeting

Tuesday 9th May
The Studio
The Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street, City of London

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Infrascale is an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution that provides rapid failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud. Delivered as a physical or virtual appliance and includes DR software – it’s DR, your way.

You’ve doubled your Internet but the network is still slow…what now?

Why does this really happen?  CONGESTION!  We’re all using more and more cloud based apps like O365, Skype for Business, hosted desktops etc. and they’re all hungry for bandwidth. Our laptops and smartphones want ever increasing bandwidth to run apps and updates, and of course let’s throw in all the video we’re consuming, whether it’s genuine business use or recreational.

We all use the network when we need to, however when many users require bandwidth at the same time it doesn’t matter how big the link is, it seems like there is simply never enough. In simple terms, your bandwidth and apps are analogous to motorways and cars. Too many users at one time and it’s gridlock!

You need a traffic cop in your network with visibility of all the applications and how much bandwidth they’re consuming, as well as the ability to decide which applications get priority when congestion occurs.

In a WAN environment, this is harder than it sounds. Firewalls provide some visibility of internet traffic and can shape internet traffic, but they don’t help with the WAN traffic. Products relying on NetFlow provide varying levels of WAN visibility but no traffic shaping and NetFlow has certain limitations, which adds yet more complexity.

Sinefa provides real-time visibility of WAN and internet traffic and is able to identify in granular detail which apps and users are using all the bandwidth. A multi-tenanted cloud-based portal allows network managers to prioritise key business applications ensuring that when congestion occurs the important apps don’t slow down. Traffic shaping rules are super-flexible and can be applied across the WAN, links, AD Groups, AD users and even VLANs.

Set up a free, full-featured trial with Sinefa today. You most likely don’t need more bandwidth, and you might even be able to reduce the size of your data links. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Watch the Sinefa Intro video to learn more


For more information contact 01691 663000 or email

Sinefa chooses to partner with VCW Security for UK Expansion

Melbourne, Australia 22/03/2017 – Sinefa today announced a new distribution agreement with leading UK distributor of IT security and networking solutions, VCW Security.  The new partnership extends the reach and availability of Sinefa’s world leading network traffic visibility platform, as it looks to expand its footprint in EMEA.

As more network activity moves to the WAN and Internet through the widespread adoption of cloud applications, network performance becomes critical to the end user experience. When the network feels slow, or cloud apps don’t perform this impacts end user productivity and costs Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Network Operators time and money to solve.

Sinefa provides Layer 7 application visibility and control, which allows network managers to easily identify problems and give priority to mission-critical applications, saving time for both the network managers, and end users.​

Independent Services Providers (ISPs) and MSPs that offer connectivity and cloud based services are ideally placed to benefit from Sinefa’s technology. They’re able to improve network performance and end user experience and reduce cost in their business by identifying bandwidth bottlenecks quickly. Sinefa provides powerful insights which drive managed services revenue such as O365, Dynamics, Skype 4 Business, Hybrid WAN, cloud migrations, rightsizing networks, SLA enforcement and more.

Sinefa also compliments the common infrastructure and end point monitoring tools that many MSPs and ISPs utilise and extends their visibility to the critical application layer.

VCW Security’s Sales Director, Gareth Morris said “The Sinefa visibility platform, enables Enterprises, MSPs and ISPs to see any application traffic flow, across any network in real-time, enabling smooth cloud migrations, bandwidth prioritisation and unlimited scalability. With its ease of deployment, disruptive pricing and simple to use traffic shaping, Sinefa can help businesses save money by reducing the time and cost of troubleshooting network performance issues”.

“Sinefa is delighted to be partnering with VCW Security to bring our unique technology to the UK Market” commented John Milionis, Global Head of Sales at Sinefa. “VCW have a long history of working with the reseller channel in the UK and a strong understanding of the Telco/ISP market. We were particularly impressed by their deep technical knowledge as well as their reach across the UK and Europe. As cloud adoption drives more application traffic to the WAN and Internet, VCW and Sinefa are well placed to help MSPs and ISPs manage the network performance expectations of end users”.

Is your network slow or expensive, or just not performing the way you would like?

Sinefa provides cloud based network traffic visibility and control that helps you solve these problems quickly and affordably.

  • It allows you to easily see and understand who and what is using up bandwidth
  • It makes trouble shooting a breeze – you can tell whether it is congestion, the link or the infrastructure causing the problem
  • It is really easy to deploy – you can get a simple no-config hardware probe or a virtual probe
  • You can allocate bandwidth to mission-critical apps and make sure they always run well
  • You can run a free trial for 14 days
  • You can run many links and many networks from just one screen
  • It is surprisingly affordable with modest probe cost and then low monthly fees with no lock-in contract – just shut it down if you don’t like it

It’s about time network visibility and control was made this easy

For more information contact 01691 663000 or email