Top Tips for Video Surveillance Success

Video surveillance is one of the fastest growing areas for IT resellers, presenting them with lower complexity and higher quality security opportunities than ever before. Infact, according to a report from IHS, the IP Video Surveillance market is now growing at around 19.3% a year.

With a growing market and a whole host of different IP Surveillance solutions available it is important that IT resellers don’t loose sight of the woods from the trees and ensure that customers receive the appropriate levels of support and consultancy.

To help you ensure that you and your customers get the most from the technology, here are our top 7 tips for Video Surveillance success:

1. Establish customer expectations – Video Surveillance can be used for a whole host of scenarios, whether it be detection, prevention, deterrent or response. So it is very important to ascertain customers’ requirements early on. Do they want to monitor a large area? Do they want to detect individuals approaching a building or is it to observe the actions of a group? Will the images obtained help customers (or the police) identify an unfamiliar individual?

2. Understand the area to be surveyed – Are customers looking to set up cameras indoors, outdoors or both? You should always ask for a floor plan and detailed layout of the area to be monitored. Then you can establish with the customer what is most important (eg. Entry and exit points, specific equipment, high-value goods, etc)

Equally as important is establishing if there will be any obstacles to monitoring a specific area whether it is walls, pillars or light sources. Don’t forget about temporary obstructions too. Trees which may obscure a view 6-9 months a year, while vehicles in loading bays can also be a major obstruction.

At the same time it is important to make sure that customers understand where they can’t monitor (e.g. toilets, changing rooms, other people’s property).

3. Ensure the camera set up is as clear as night and day –
It may be an obvious question but make sure to ask your customers what time of the day they are planning to use IP Video Surveillance. If at night (or in a low light environment) cameras will need to be infrared, especially if they are needed for identification and recognition purposes. Where lighting is being used in conjunction with surveillance it should be positioned above rather than below the area within the camera’s field of view to ensure the best performance.

4. Agree image quality requirements early on – Image quality is a very debatable and emotive subject. In the main because it is an individual’s perception so it is very hard to quantify. However there are four areas to consider when looking at the surveillance images being displayed:

Clarity – is the picture sharp enough and is there distortion?
Detail – is there enough to identify objects?
Colour – is it natural?
Artefacts – are there elements in the image that should not be there and are they obtrusive?

5. Know your cameras inside and out – Today there are hundreds of different camera types, all of which are suited to a whole host of environments and scenarios.

Does the customer require an internal or external camera? Does it need to be vandalproof?
Will an all-in-one camera be the most cost effective solution?
If choosing a PTZ camera is there a manned guard onsite to monitor the footage?
Will your proposed solution fit with the aesthetics of the property?

By asking these questions you can quickly establish the Video Surveillance solution that best meets your customer’s needs and budget.

6. Audit the network infrastructure – One of the joys of Video Surveillance technology is that it makes it extremely easy to add cameras to an IP network. So it is important that you establish whether a customer’s existing network infrastructure is sufficient as well as the total bandwidth requirement. Will it require an upgrade or does a new network need to be implemented? If looking to deploy wireless cameras, how good is the wireless coverage?

7. Find out what customers want to do with the camera footage –
Does the customer want to view or store the footage? If recording the footage, how long do customers want to save the footage? Do they require backup? If so does it need to be on-site or off-site? All of these are important considerations, but also could provide you with additional opportunities to sell network storage solutions to your customers.

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Looking for a professional, full featured, high definition video surveillance at an affordable price?

Network-based video surveillance technology is transforming the security industry. Easier to use than specialist CCTV systems with features such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), easy set up and no dedicated cabling or complicated monitoring required allowing for seamless integration into a customers existing network.

DCS-4602EV is a Full High Definition Outdoor Vandal-Proof PoE Dome Camera. Buy now for £135.75*

Ideal for building entrances and areas that are prone to vandalism

  • 3D Noise Reduction – ideal when facial or object identification is required.
  • Allows the camera to capture clear videos – with less noise under poor lighting conditions.
  • Specifically built – to withstand sudden high impact and adverse weather conditions.
  • Weatherproof and vandal proof – industry certified IK-10 (vandal-proof) and IP-66 (weatherproof) housing for use in harsh environments.

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*Price excluding VAT

What IT Education Managers need to know about IP Surveillance

The emergence of Internet-based surveillance means video surveillance is moving from the facilities and security function to the IT department.

The automation and scalability that comes with IP Surveillance is also expanding the range of video surveillance applications whether they are for security crime prevention and detection, monitoring of staff and facilities or simply maintaining greater calm in school hallways.

With all its advantages there are also challenges that can be best dealt with by understanding and evaluating an end-to-end solution.  If you are an IT Education Manager download this whitepaper to find out what you should be considering for your school or college.

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The Positive Impact of Physical Security in Schools

More and more schools are finding that IP Surveillance offers a far more intelligent and manageable solution for their safety and security over traditional analogue CCTV solutions.

The automation and scalability that it provides is also expanding the range of video applications available to schools whether they are for security, crime prevention and detection, monitoring of staff and facilities or simply maintaining greater calm in school hallways.

Watch this video to see what a positive impact upgrading to D-Link’s IP surveillance camera’s has had on Helsby High School, a state maintained secondary school in Cheshire.

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Keep your schools safe with Video Surveillance

Looking for an IP Surveillance system for your school?

DLink, in association with school decision makers, has put together a guide to help your IT department find the best solution for you.

Safe guarding staff and students is the primary priority for any school. Using good quality CCTV enables schools to monitor the entire site; but looking for an intelligent and manageable solution that meets compliance standards can be a logistical nightmare.

The guide provides helpful insight concerning:

  • Practical considerations
  • Gaining consent from parents and staff
  • Staying legal
  • CCTV policy
  • The benefits of IP Surveillance

For more information concerning D-Link contact Emma Morris at or call 01691 663000

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DGS 1210-28P

DGS-1210 Series Gigabit Smart+ Managed Switches with enhanced PoE – buy today for only £249.99 ex VAT

Integrating advanced management with security functions to provide performance and scalability. Management options for the switch include SNMP, Web Management, D-Link Network Assistant Utility, and compact command lines. With power saving features you can cut costs without sacrificing performance. Equipped with a complete line-up of L2 features, the DGS-1210 Series includes IGMP snooping, port mirroring, spanning tree protocol and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). The IEEE 802.3x flow control function allows servers to directly connect to the switch for fast, reliable data transfers.

Network maintenance features include loopback detection and cable diagnostics. Detect loops created by a specific port and automatically shut down the affected port. The cable diagnostic feature can rapidly discover errors and determine the cable quality, allowing hassle free diagnostics and maintenance.


Green Technology
Power saving via the following features:

  • Link Status detection
  • LED Shut-Off
  • Port Shut-Off
  • System Hibernation
  • Time-based PoE (DGS-1210-10P/28P/52P/52MP only)

Security Features

  • Access Control List secures network
  • D-Link Safeguard Engine protects CPU from Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Flooding
  • Port Security supports 64 MACs per port
  • ARP Spoofing Prevention

Intuitive Management

  • D-Link Network Assistant Utility or Web-based GUI
  • Built-in SNMP MIB for remote NMS (D-View 6.0)
  • Compact CLI through Telnet

Advanced Features

  • Auto Surveillance VLAN
  • Loopback Detection automatically disables a port when a loop is detected
  • Cable Diagnostics allows administrators to determine cable status
  • SFP ports for flexibility
  • Auto MDI/MDIX

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Wireless Controllers – buy today for only £299 ex VAT.

The D-Link DWC-1000 Wireless Controller is a centralised wireless LAN manager developed specifically with campuses, branch offices, and businesses. An easy-to-use, scalable solution to manage and configure your wireless network. Ideal for guest wireless Internet access in public locations, the DWC-1000 can manage up to six wireless APs and a maximum of 48 wireless APs in a Controller Cluster. The DWC-100 is a cost effect mobility solution for the SME environment.

Utilising centralised remote control of managed access points, you can automatically discover compatible D-Link Wireless APs, add them into the managed AP list and configure them with one-time configuration dispatch settings. System alarms and statistics reports on managed access points also help the administrator to use the DWC- 1000 to manage, control, and optimise network performance.


Network Architecture

  • Manage up to 6 wireless Access Points (APs), upgradable to 12 Access Points (APs) per controller
  • Control up to 24 wireless APs, maximum 48 Access Points (APs) per cluster

Robust Network Security

  • Wireless Instruction Detection System (WIDS)
  • Rogue Access Points (APs) Detection & Classification
  • Captive Portal
  • Guest Management
  • WEP, WPA Personal/Enterprise, WPA2 Personal/Enterprise
  • 802.1X User authentication
  • Firewall Policy, IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/SSL VPN
  • MAC address filtering

Fault Tolerance

  • Option ports traffic failover
  • Outbound load balancing


  • USB port for file and printer sharing

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Wireless AC1200 Simultaneous Dual Band PoE Access Point – buy today for only £89.99 ex VAT.

With a wireless range of up to 100 metres, the DAP-2660 delivers four times the speed of Wireless N by supporting simultaneous dual-band performance. Featuring a clean and modern design, it is easily mountable and can be deployed and configured in any network.

Scalable, flexible and with centralised AP management, your business can manage up to 1000 Access Points from a central location. The free wireless AP controller software enables your administrators to create and manage multi-site, multi-tenancy wireless networks.


High-performance Connectivity

  • IEEE 802.11ac wireless
  • Up to 1200 Mbps
  • Gigabit LAN port

Made for Business-class Environments

  • Simultaneous dual-band connectivity for increased network capacity
  • Band steering for efficient traffic management
  • Ideal for indoor deployment
  • Traffic control/QoS
  • Internal RADIUS server
  • Web redirection

Trusted Security Features

  • WPA/WPA2 – Enterprise/Personal
  • WPA2 – PSK/AES over WDS
  • MAC address filtering
  • Network Access Protection (NAP)
  • ARP spoofing prevention
  • WLAN partition

Convenient Installation

  • Supports 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • Wall and ceiling mounting brackets included

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IP Surveillance for Business

Video surveillance technology has revolutionised the CCTV market.

Using IP (Internet Protocol), it is possible to build systems based on affordable network cameras designed to transmit digital video over ordinary wired and wireless networks back to easy-to-use monitoring and recording software run on industry-standard platforms.

D-Link range of IP Surveillance solutions include:
  • Box cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Cube cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom cameras

Surveillance cameras come in a variety of guises and are easy to integrate with existing analogue systems – for use in offices, shops, warehouses and other more challenging environments; indoors and out; with and without remote control capabilities, weather and vandal protection and to suit a wide range of budgets.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – cheaper, discrete installation without the need for separate power lines
  • Simple integration with Wireless AC and Wireless N Wi-Fi
  • High-definition, megapixel camera technology
  • Mechanical and/or digital pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ)
  • Integrated two-way sound capabilities
  • Capture video to local storage such as a microSD card
  • Receive triggered alerts via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Can be stored on a hard disk rather than old-fashioned video tape
  • Feeds from multiple cameras monitored using nothing more than a standard desktop PC
  • Easy-to-use monitoring software, support for automated picture analysis, off-site monitoring and storage plus the option to receive triggered alerts via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

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10 reasons to upgrade to PoE

Today’s businesses, schools and healthcare facilities are increasingly moving towards Smart Ethernet switches with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for their IP Surveillance networks.

Here are ten reasons it makes sense to upgrade from an unmanaged PoE switch to a Smart PoE switch.

1. More value for money

Budget-conscious customers may specify unmanaged PoE switches due to their simplicity and low cost. However, upgrading to Smart PoE switches can offer net big value. The cost increase is minimal and with added capabilities, tools and benefits, Smart PoE switches can be compelling.

2. Easier administration

Smart PoE switches feature easy to use, browser based user interface and straight forward communication.

3. Remote reboots and power control

With smart switches, an administrator can remotely turn on and off the PoE power to each camera via the graphical interface.

4. Real-time power statistics and power-saving features

Capturing this data simply isn’t possible with unmanaged switches. A Smart PoE switch can provide power consumption statistics in real time.

5. Auto surveillance VLAN

D-Link Smart PoE switches support a feature called Auto Surveillance VLAN, which enables the Smart PoE switch to automatically detect any D-Link (or other manufacturer’s) IP camera on the network.

6. Smarter management of the PoE power budget

A Smart PoE switch allows an administrator to manage increased power demands in a much more controlled manner, through user-defined port-priority assignments and policies.

7. Ability to se PoE power threshold limits per port

Most Smart PoE switches allow administrators to configure a power threshold per port based on pre-defined IEEE 802.3at Classifications (i.e., 4.0W, 7.0W, 15.4W or 30.0W). Others even allow administrators to define a custom power limit (from 1-30W) for any designated port.

8. Better cable diagnostics

Smart PoE switches enable administrators to easily examine the quality of the copper cables connected to each switch port. Tests can be initiated from anywhere on the network and run on each port during installation or troubleshooting to determine any potential cable errors.

9. Automatic loop detection

If a loop is detected, the switch automatically shuts down the port and alerts the administrator. Loop detection can be enabled on a single port, a range of ports or all ports simultaneously

10. PoE traps and alerts for Administrators

Unmanaged PoE switches have no ability to alert the network administrator after a change or disruption to the network. Smart switches, however, can send “traps” or alerts to a network management system (typically SNMP-based) when such challenges arise.

Unmanaged PoE switches are considered a mainstay of IP surveillance networks because they are low-cost, easy-to-use and good for simple connectivity. However, more and more security professionals are beginning to realise the tremendous benefits of upgrading to Smart (managed) PoE switches. Not only do they represent minimal cost increases, they provide network administrators with a simple, easy-to-use interface through which the IP surveillance network can be configured and monitored from anywhere, anytime.

For more information contact Emma Morris on 01691 663 000 or via

Work Smarter, not Harder with D-Link Business Solutions

D-Link’s range of affordable technologies makes it easier than ever for the SME to work smarter. Transform your business thinking, drive faster growth, cut costs and improve productivity with smart business solutions –
  • Integrated IP Surveillance – D-Link can supply everything to help build an affordable and easy to deploy system to ensure the security of people, possessions and places allowing you to keep a watchful eye of what matters most.
  • Access Points – D-Link offers unified wireless networking solutions that enable small and medium sized businesses to create highly mobile, highly productive work environments at a low total cost of ownership.
  • VPN Security Routers – VPN security routers offer secure, high-performance networking solutions to address the growing needs of businesses.
  • Network Switches – From enabling physical security to managing an end-to-end wireless infrastructure or protecting and storing sensitive data, D-Link network switches provide the basis for secure and reliable business networks.

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OSWESTRY, SHROPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, 04/07/2016 – VCW Security, one of the UK’s leading distributors of IT security solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with D-Link the leading global manufacturer of broadband, wireless and networking solutions providing an ideal solution for digital home, SOHO, SME/SMB and workgroup to Enterprise environments.

Under the terms of the partnership VCW will specialise in D-Link’s end to end surveillance solutions which integrate IP cameras with network switches and network storage devices and network infrastructure products including IP switches, routers and wireless access points.

D-Link’s range of advanced and affordable video surveillance equipment compliments VCW’s existing IT security solutions allowing Value Added Resellers to bolster their IP surveillance offering and effectively differentiate themselves in the marketplace whilst also enabling the SME end-user market the flexibility to adapt to their changing security needs.

Simon Jackson, Commercial Director at VCW Security said: “We are delighted with the new partnership. The addition of IP Surveillance products to our portfolio will provide our reseller channel with a real competitive advantage to provide cutting–edge and cost effective surveillance solutions to the SME market”

The addition of their cameras, encoders, networking and storage products to our portfolio will provide our partners with even more opportunities to deliver IP physical security and virtualisation solutions and help them grow their businesses.”

Paul Routledge, D-Link UK and Ireland Country Manager, commented, “We’re really looking forward to growing our IP surveillance offering alongside VCW Security, in a partnership aimed at leveraging the two companies respective strengths in the IP Surveillance, Networking and Smart Home arenas.”

This is a collaboration that will bring a continued, significant contribution to a number of customers across the UK, providing a real opportunity for both D-Link and VCW Security moving forward.”