As data traffic growth continues to explode, identifying why the network is slow or having performance issues is a complex and expensive challenge for MSP’s.

Network congestion is often the issue and identifying who and what is consuming bandwidth is critical. The irony is that end users often overload the network, yet Network Managers and providers bear the brunt of the finger pointing.

Sinefa addresses these problems by providing Layer 7 visibility of network traffic. Sinefa’s customer facing real-time and historical visibility allows you to see which applications are consuming the most bandwidth giving you objective, data-driven actionable insights including the ability to apply real-time traffic shaping to ensure key business applications perform.

Join VCW Security & Sinefa on Thursday 25th May 2017 at 11am BST and Thursday 1st June 2017 at 11am BST, so we can demonstrate how to deliver the network and application performance your customers expect and show you how to give consistent performance that is tuned to the specific needs of your customers at the same time as reducing your costs and creating loyalty.

In this 45 minute webinar you will learn:

• How to Identify why the network is slow
• How to improve the performance of applications including Microsoft 0365
• Rightsizing/baselining your customers network for cloud migration
• The simplest way to identify OS updates and their impact on the network
• How to provide customer facing visability from your DC