If you are an Enterprise focused Service Provider I’ll bet you get asked questions like:
  • Can you prove to me that the newly installed network is working better than before?
  • How is the network performing compared to last week?
  • Can I see the Network Quality Scoring (NQS)?
  • Are you delivering what you are charging me for?

Answering these questions would normally mean installing hardware and sending engineers on site.

No more. A software only solution from Sinefa allows Service Providers to see what has been to date a black hole in terms of network capacity, utilisation and quality. Sinefa’s sophisticated quality measurement software provides the Network Manager with a powerful yet simple metric called the Network Quality Score (NQS). Armed with this information Network Operators can increase the performance of their network by making the right decisions to address network bottlenecks, high latency, inconsistencies and equipment failures.

Simple to understand, easy to use and powerful in articulating network quality statements to Service Provider customers.

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