The Challenge

Organisations are using Microsoft cloud applications to improve productivity, streamline collaboration and increase operational efficiencies whilst also seeking to reduce IT costs and keep pace with changing networks.

The success of cloud adoption is very much dependent on how well the network performs.

If network performance is poor, the user experience and business productivity are affected, resulting in eroded business profits and increased network costs as operators try to identify where the issue is coming from. This in turn impacts the ROI on cloud investment and could lead to further adoption ceasing.

The Solution

Sinefa’s traffic visibility tells a story about your network, providing the fundamental insights needed to create the Microsoft Freeway using four key building blocks:

  1. Pervasive network traffic visibility and insights
  2. Baseline the network
  3. Monitor link quality
  4. Guarantee performance

Download our guide to learn more about how to create the ultimate Microsoft Freeway for Office 365, Azure & Skype.

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