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If you want to know what a cyber-war looks like, read the news. Possibly no time period since the advent of the Internet has experienced as many dramatic global incidents directly related to malware and cyberthreats as the last 12 months. From election hacks to global ransomware attacks, malware threats are at an all-time high. And, unfortunately, as long as it proves lucrative, the only certainty is it will only get worse.

CYREN CyberThreat Report May 2017: Drowning in Ransomware – An In-depth Look at the Ransomware Phenomenon

Malware activity surged dramatically during 2016 as a direct result of ransomware, with emails carrying malware —the preferred manner of ransomware distribution — detected by Cyren increasing 2302% (!) in 2016, and specifically ransomware emails accounting for over 95% of all malicious malware emails.

CYREN CyberThreat Report January 2017: Botnets The Clone Army of Cybercrime

Locky and ransomware dominated for most of last year but towards the end of 2016 a new cyber criminal element raised its head – botnets.

As cybercrime grows at epidemic proportions and the Internet of Things becomes a reality the uprising of the Botnet looks like it could be one of the biggest internet threats of the 21st century.

CYREN CyberThreat Report August 2016: The Phishing Issue

A recent Osterman Research survey conducted on behalf of Cyren found Phishing to be the top threat category for small- to medium- sized businesses (up to 3,000 employees), with 43% suffering a phishing breach in the last 12 months.

The reason for the dramatic rise in phishing is fairly obvious. Driven by a constant desire to maximise revenue, cybercriminals realize that phishing is a relatively inexpensive way to obtain sensitive, personal and financial information that can then be resold on the black market or used directly for monetary gain.