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Affected by the Apache Struts Zero Day Vulnerability?

Last week information security researchers discovered a Zero-Day vulnerability in Apache Struts web application framework, which is being actively exploited in the wild and is under active attack. Apache Struts is a free, open-source, Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework for creating elegant, modern Java web applications, which supports REST, AJAX, and JSON. According to the researchers, the…

New Phishing Wave Targets Online Banking and Digital Payment Customers

In January, WordFence reported use of data URIs for effective phishing attacks against Gmail users. Now, Cyren is seeing that technique newly combined with HTML attachments, an old phishing favorite. The new attack technique has taken root quickly in February, driving up the use of HTML or HTM attachments to nearly 50% of all recent…

Is your network slow or expensive, or just not performing the way you would like?

Sinefa provides cloud based network traffic visibility and control that helps you solve these problems quickly and affordably. It allows you to easily see and understand who and what is using up bandwidth It makes trouble shooting a breeze – you can tell whether it is congestion, the link or the infrastructure causing the problem…

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Locky and ransomware dominated for most of last year but towards the end of 2016 a new cyber criminal element raised its head – botnets.

As cybercrime grows at epidemic proportions and the Internet of Things becomes a reality the uprising of the Botnet looks like it could be one of the biggest internet threats of the 21st century.