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The security risks of Pokémon GO

It’s safe to say Pokémon Go has taken the globe by storm. So much so, that in an effort to capitalise on the countries still waiting for the release of the app, over 215 unofficial apps have been created. While the UK had the official app as of 14th July there are several fake apps…


Corporate Crime and Hospital Attacks – Locky Shuts Down Businesses

Earlier this year, a California-based hospital system was forced to pay $17,000 in bitcoins as a result of another ransomware attack that infected their networks. Other medical centres to be infected include MedStar Health, Desert Valley Hospital and Chino Valley Medical Centre. Law firms, accounting businesses and police departments are also reporting ransomware attacks. The…


The New “Perimeter” in a Mobile World

Mobile technologies are the fastest growing area of technological investment. The rapid adoption of these devices has led to the implementation of mobile devices within the business environment. The advent of the mobile worker has resulted in a wider acceptance of BYOD to allow employees to utilise their technology of choice in the workplace. This…

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Over the last few years, we’ve repeatedly reported on the fact that cybercriminals are stealthy, smart, and and sophisticated. They’re building global organized cybercrime syndicates and, with one simple piece of malware, can generate millions of dollars in just a few days. Like any aggressive business, they’re capable of altering their tactics to adapt to changing business and technical environments.