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Citrix assessment services: Keep applications running and users productive

Are you a Citrix administrator constantly troubleshooting performance problems that aren’t caused by Citrix? Then you know that traditional application performance management (APM) tools can’t fully monitor user activity or the performance of the Citrix infrastructure. In fact, most Citrix monitoring tools use burdensome agents and scrape data from event logs, so you don’t get real-time specifics about user…

PCI Compliance – cut the complexity and the cost

The growing number of controls in the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) are increasing the costs of compliance. At the same time the frequency and severity of payment security breaches has driven up fines for noncompliance. For companies that suffer a breach, the financial consequences are even greater, and include both recovery costs as well…

Datacentre Migration and Consolidation

So you’re ready to migrate your complex infrastructure (which will probably make it even more complex). Now what? With so many dependencies and complications in your environment, it might seem impossible to guarantee a seamless end user experience during the move—and customer churn due to poor performance is only one fraction of potential migration costs….

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