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Live CYREN Webinar: Email Security: Why It Probably isn’t Working, and What To Do

Why is email security back on everybody’s agenda? Why do email security solutions seem to be improving only slightly in certain areas, and getting worse in others? Or is that not true? In the midst of the current phishing and ransomware epidemic, security must get better – but how? Join Michael Osterman of Osterman Research…


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Comoo State of Endpoint

A Prevention Solution That Actually…..Prevents Infection

Comodo have done what others just promise, they’ve solved the malware problem once and for all. In a world where everything is an endpoint, they have come up with the perfect solution in Advanced Endpoint Protection. Download the whitepaper now to find out : Why conventional endpoint protection fails Why traditional default deny and default…

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Locky and ransomware dominated for most of last year but towards the end of 2016 a new cyber criminal element raised its head – botnets.

As cybercrime grows at epidemic proportions and the Internet of Things becomes a reality the uprising of the Botnet looks like it could be one of the biggest internet threats of the 21st century.