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Keep your schools safe with Video Surveillance

Looking for an IP Surveillance system for your school? DLink, in association with school decision makers, has put together a guide to help your IT department find the best solution for you. Safe guarding staff and students is the primary priority for any school. Using good quality CCTV enables schools to monitor the entire site;…


VCW secures first UK offering of AppCheck Vulnerability Scanner

AppCheck has been designed from the ground up and boasts one of the most intelligent SaaS web application scanning engines on the market. By working closely with some of the UK’s leading penetration testers, each scanning module has been designed to maximise detection accuracy whilst minimising false positives. AppCheck NG boasts one of the most…


Locky morphs yet again

CYREN has detected a new wave of delivery mechanisms for Locky malware. Another layer of obfuscation has been added to its download script detected as JS/Locky.AT!Eldorado. CYREN has detected four key changes in the last two months; clearly the creators of Locky have been busy. The distribution email, like many incarnations before it, uses business…

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A recent Osterman Research survey conducted on behalf of Cyren found Phishing to be the top threat category for small- to medium- sized businesses (up to 3,000 employees), with 43% suffering a phishing breach in the last 12 months.

The reason for the dramatic rise in phishing is fairly obvious. Driven by a constant desire to maximise revenue, cybercriminals realize that phishing is a relatively inexpensive way to obtain sensitive, personal and financial information that can then be resold on the black market or used directly for monetary gain.